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UK Screen is governed by a strong industry Board, elected by its membership. The directors, Chairman and CEO meet regularly to oversee the Association’s performance and its progress against strategic goals and to discuss industry issues that affect our members. Directors also get involved by championing particular projects and goals or by chairing the UK Screen working groups.

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The Board is made up of elected directors, the Chairman and the CEO. Each year half of the directors stand down and an election is held. This allows us to retain consistency of governance whilst bringing in new blood. If necessary the board can also co-opt additional directors to ensure that we reflect the UK Screen membership.

Directors will be elected on their individual merits however there is an implicit recognition of their company and status. Members may nominate themselves or any suitably senior employee from their own company; a subsidiary company; another member company; or another relevant organisation (not eligible for membership). We ask that you first obtain prior consent from the individuals concerned before submitting a nomination on their behalf.

Each member company has equal voting status and the election process is overseen by our independent auditor, ECOVIS Wingrave Yeats.

Animation UK, now part of the newly formed UK Screen Alliance, provides the collective voice of the Animation & Visualisation sector. In November 2016 Animation UK joined forces with the UK Screen Association to establish the UK Screen Alliance representing the Animation sector, post-production, VFX, other production service suppliers and studios. 


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If you are from a member company and interested in standing for election in the future please contact us for a chat.