The Fableists ‘Epic Thread’

18 September 2014

In collaboration with Brothers & Sisters, the Mill+ design and animation team created a charming, colourful and engaging short film for children’s eco-fashion brand The Fableists.


The film, narrated by Jennifer Saunders, tells the story of a young girl, taken on a whimsical journey by the loose thread on her t-shirt in the quest to discover its origins.


Inspired by the illustrative and graphic style of The Fableists’ t-shirt designs and by the concept of how a child might see the world, Mill+ animation directors Kwok Fung Lam and Ivo Sousa created an animation sequence using exaggerated angles, bold colours, distorted reality and tight cameras to create an epic fantasy journey full of energy and most importantly fun.


Mill+ artists used a whole host of techniques to bring this project into fruition; Style frames were drawn up in Photoshop, the character animation was drawn frame by frame in Flash, with other elements being completed in Cinema 4D before the whole piece was composited together in AFX and Premiere.


Animation director Ivo Sousa tells us “We gathered as much inspirational material as possible, from character look and graphical compositions, to colour and texture. This was followed by a real hands on approach creating character designs, mood boards, style frames, storyboards and animatics, all contributing to the final look and feel, which perfectly accompanies the narrative.”


Co-animation director Kwok Fung Lam adds, “This was a one of a kind project, which we all really enjoyed being a part of, and we are incredibly proud of the final result. This project offered a fantastic level of creative freedom, and it was a pleasure to work with the Fableists founders and Brothers & Sisters to create such a fun and memorable film.”


Fableists founder Matt Cooper comment, “The film is a childhood fantasy and a melting pot of the UK’s foremost talent. The joint venture reflects how innovative entrepreneurial agencies are prepared to invest in brands, not just work for them, allowing all involved to learn as a brand owner, not just supplier. An experience that can only enrich all involved.”



Agency: Brothers and Sisters

Producers: Ashlie Hutber & Lois Mould

Creatives: Jack and Josh


Design & Animation Studio: Mill+

Director: Ivo Sousa & Kwok Fung Lam

Storyboards and Layout: Ivo Sousa & Kwok Fung Lam

Design: Charles Bigeast, Ivo Sousa, Kwok Fung Lam

Additional Colour Keys: Melanie Climent

2D Animation: Roly Edwards, Kwok Fung Lam, Matt Partridge, Harriet Gillian, Ivo Sousa, Diogo Pinheiro, Jordan Haynes

2D Animation Assist: Freya Barnsley, Diogo Pinheiro, Joseph Sommerville

3D Animation: Matt Whitewood, Ivo Sousa, Stephanie Dewhirst, Jessica Tan, Paul Bloomfield, Ashley Tyas

Compositing: Ivo Sousa, Kwok Fung Lam, Joseph Sommerville

Sound: Smith & Elms @ Eclectic

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