Working in the UK

The UK has a world-renowned production facilities infrastructure, offering superb quality and breadth of choice to content-makers.

UK Screen represents the very best of the sector with a membership comprising providers of studios, stages and lots, visual effects, picture and audio post production, physical special effects, media services and freelance talent. Our members can capture, create, manipulate and move your content however and wherever you require. With a reputation for quality, service, cutting-edge technology and a top-class talent base your production is safe in our hands.

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Tax reliefs are available for British qualifying films, high end television and animation.

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Doctor Strange-Framestore-HandCasting

Case Study- Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange (played by Benedict Cumberbatch) is a master of ‘black magic’, armed with magical objects and a cloak with a mind of its own, operating from his Sanctum Sanctorum, a Greenwich Village townhouse in New York City.

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Case Study-The Jungle Book

Director Jon Favreau created a wonderfully immersive adventure with his film, The Jungle Book, which pays tribute to the original Disney 1967 animated classic, while also providing an homage to author Rudyard Kipling’s original children’s story. This innovative project will likely carve out its own influential niche for its technologically complex methodology.

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Case Study- Into The Woods

Lead by MPC VFX Supervisor Christian Irles and VFX Producer Pierre Escande MPC’s team worked closely with Production VFX Supervisor Matt Johnson to complete more than 300 shots for Disney’s Into The Woods.

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Case Study- Jupiter Ascending

Forging a Wachowski world - How Framestore delivered visual effects that were 'the most stunning ever witnessed in a genre known for mind-blowing imagery' (Variety)

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Case Study- Guardians of the Galaxy

Framestore creates 'Rocket Raccoon' as James Gunn’s Guardians of the Galaxy wrenches the comic book world into deep space with the universe’s most unlikely bunch of heroes.

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Case Study - Gravity

UK Screen member, Framestore, created the stunning visual effects on the award-winning movie, Gravity.

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Case Study - Kick Ass 2

London-based post and VFX houses combined to provide DI and effects on US/UK co-production.

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Case Study - The Snickers Gremlin

London and Glasgow-based special effects company, Artem, created the Snickers Gremlin for a Brussels-based shoot in 2013.

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