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Academy Class

Classroom Training, Online Training, Bespoke- On and Off Site, Video Tutorials, Training Consultancy , Training Vouchers

Acamar Films


Aquarium Studios

Audio Special Effects, Dialogue Editing, Editing (Offline), Editing (Sound), Encoding, Foley Editing, Foley Effects, Foley Recording, Location recording, Music Editing, Re Recording, Sound Design, Sound Dubbing (Broadcast), Sound Dubbing (Film), Sound Effects Editing, Soundtracks, Spot effects, Track laying, Voice Recording


Visual Effects.Physical SFX: models & miniatures, floor effects, prosthetics, animatronics, atmospherics, mechanical rigs, action props, camera rigs, pyrotechnics, puppets and special costume.

Association of Motion Picture Sound

Audio, Audio Special EffectsProfessional Sound Technicians Guild

Axis Studios

Animation, VFXAnimation / VFX / 3D/ CG Effects / Design / PreViz / Concept / Digital Matte Painting / 3 & 4D Theatre / Augmented Reality / Dome Theatre Systems / Film & Music Production / Design / Video Display Systems / Video Production