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We work with many different organisations. Here are links to some you may find useful...


Guilds, Associations and Industry Bodies

  • Amps  (Association of Motion Picture Sound)
  • APA  (Advertising Producers Association)
  • APRS  (The Professional Recording Association)
  • ASPEC (Association of Studio and Production Equipment Companies
  • BAFTA  (British Academy of Film and Television Arts)
  • BFC  (British Film Commission)
  • BFI  (British Film Institute)
  • BKSTS  (The Moving Image Society)
  • BSAC  (British Screen Advisory Council)
  • BSC  (British Society of Cinematographers)
  • CTBF (The Cinema and Television Benevolent Fund)
  • DGGB  (Directors’ Guild of Great Britain)
  • Directors UK
  • Equity (Actors' Guild)
  • Film Distributors’ Association
  • GBCT  (Guild of British Camera Technicians)
  • GBFTE  (The Guild of British Film & Television Editors)
  • Made in Creative UK
  • MU  (Musicians’ Union)
  • NAFDMA (National Association of Film and Media Artists)
  • NESTA  (Innovation Charity)
  • PACT (Producers Alliance of Cinema and Television)
  • PMA  (Production Managers’ Association)
  • RTS  (Royal Television Society)
  • SFS (Screen Facilities Scotland)
  • SMPTE UK Section (Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers)  
  • The Production Guild 
  • WFTV  (Women in Film and Television (UK))
  • Writers’ Guild of Great Britain


Education, Skills & Training


Government Departments and Agencies


Screen Agencies


Northern Ireland




Industry Directories