Homespun Yarns Finalists to Leverage Sohonet Filerunner for Reliable Short-Film Transfers

18 October 2017

Sohonet, the global experts in connectivity, media services and network security for the Media and Entertainment industry, have announced their exciting partnership with Stitch Editing for their talent-nurturing film competition, Homespun Yarns.


Homespun Yarns, which is returning for its fourth successive year, supports up-and-coming filmmakers and editors by providing them with both the funding and platform to work and develop their talent through a unique film competition. This year, Homespun have set the brief to ‘Fragments’. Supported throughout, the the four finalists will need to produce and edit a short-film which will then be judged by a Homespun panel and audience at the awards night this October.

For 2017, the finalists will be utilising Sohonet’s media optimized file-transfer tool, FileRunner to both share and collaborate on content with their post and edit teams. Damien Carroll, COO of Sohonet said, “It has been fantastic to see the Homespun finalists leveraging FileRunner to collaborate securely and effectively with their teams throughout this competition”.

Carroll added “We’re delighted to support such amazing emerging creative talents I hope this experience has shown how the right technologies, when used in an effective manner can enhance the creative process and secure and simplify workflows”.

Alice Clarke, EP of Homespun said ‘"It’s been exciting to partner with Sohonet for Homespun Yarns 2017, and using your FileRunner transfer tool has given our filmmakers the chance to experience a smooth and secure post-production process”



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