Floogals: the second series hits Milkshake! on Channel 5

6 August 2018

Jellyfish handled the visual effects and animation work on the second series on this kids’ hit.

Jellyfish - Floogals


Jellyfish again looked after the complex visual effects on the second outing of this 52 x 11-minute pre-school series, which mixes animation with live-action back plates.

The series follows three four-inch ‘alien space explorers’ – the Floogals. Due to their size, most of the action takes place on a macro scale. The world they inhabit was shot as live-action, with the characters lit and rendered photo-realistically before being meticulously comped into each back plate.

Jellyfish supervised the live-action shoot, which took place in a London townhouse and various other locations.







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