Claire McGrane, Director of Operations, Company 3


Claire is Director of Operations for Company 3 in London under the global Creative Services Group umbrella for Deluxe Entertainment. 

Company 3 provide local and remote dailies and finishing services to the feature film market with the wider Deluxe picture offering end to end solutions across feature, television and advertising.

Starting out 23 years ago Claire admits that it remains a thrill to be part of this invigorating industry. she has always been drawn to the bigger picture. Running a facility, encompassing technical and organisation and problem solving skills, has been something she has relished. 

Claire attributes her unique perspective and understanding of what drives the many sides of creative to hands-on experience both as a vendor and a client.

This is Claire’s first industry board membership.  She is keen that the UK retains its status as a centre of excellence, and that evolving and training for the ‘future industry’ - and what that may look like -  should be our priority.