Neil Hatton, Chief Executive, UK Screen

Neil Hatton

Neil Hatton has been involved with UK Screen from before the beginning of what was then known as UK Post. He was the prime mover in bringing the broadcast post community into the Association at its inception and has been a director on the UK Screen board for most of the time since, prior to being appointed as CEO in 2016.

Neil has worked in television since 1979, starting at the BBC and progressing to be an offline/online editor. In 1992, he pioneered the use of non-linear editing and was the first person to cut a broadcast documentary on a Lightworks, which was also the first programme transmitted on the BBC to be cut this way. His credits include Horizon, QED, Arena and Ground Force. For more than 20 years, Neil worked at MD/CEO or owner level within well-known post production houses in Soho. He established both Azimuth and Frontier Post from scratch and grew them into sizeable businesses with clients in the broadcast, corporate, music, video games and on-air promo sectors.

Neil has also worked as a freelance post-production consultant and event producer, providing advice and training services to facilities, production companies and broadcasters. In 2014, he produced two nationwide training and awareness events for the BBC Academy called “Sound Matters” and “File Delivery Made Real”.

His link with training goes back to 2003, when prior to the start of UK Screen, he was part of a group lobbying Creative Skillset to make funded training more accessible for broadcast post production companies. This lead to the “First Post” training scheme which equipped more than 150 runners to become technical operators or bookings assistants. Neil wrote the outline course structure for the technical strand of "First Post”.

Throughout his time on the UK Screen board, Neil has chaired either the Technology Working Group or the Broadcast Working Group. He was UK Screen’s representative on the Digital Production Partnership’s Technical Standards committee where he was at the forefront of liaison between UK Screen members and the broadcasters on the introduction of loudness and the file delivery and QC of broadcast programmes.

Neil classes the chief executive role at UK Screen as his “ideal job”. His many years of running post production facilities means that he has an in depth knowledge of the daily challenges that UK Screen member companies face. He has an extensive network of contacts with facilities, producers, broadcasters, manufacturers and other influential organisations which allows him to continue to campaign for a better business environment on behalf of UK Screen members.