Rich Moss, Managing Director, Gorilla Group

Rich Moss

Rich has worked in the Post Production Industry for over 25 years. Beginning in VT ops and tape editing, Rich gained a reputation as one of the most respected finishing editors in Wales. Rich has started, built and been involved with many UK post houses including Pyramid Post Production, Platform Post Production, The Joint and Mwnci.

Gorilla is the leading facility in Wales with around 80 edit suites, Baselight Grading, Pro-tools dubbing, studios, satellite and O.B. We have subsidiary VFX, Animation and interactive companies and facilities within BBC Wales.

Rich offers a Nations perspective to UK Screen and seek to reach out and collaborate with other facilities to open up the Nations capacity and skills base. Rich is also hevily involved in education and training in Wales. 

Rich sits on BAFTA, Skillset and educational committees/boards and regularly invited to consult for Broadcast, Government and Industry.