Integro is one of UK Screen’s longest serving sponsors and service provider.  Integro Insurance Group is an international broker headquartered in New York with offices across the United States, Canada and London. 

Integro, based in London, are a Lloyds broker, which gives Integro direct access to the innovative and world renowned London insurance market. 

John Claffey, ‎Head of UK Media, Entertainment, Film & TV, feels exciting times are ahead for the company and states "There are synergies and expertise in place with Integro that we believe will enable us to expand our client capabilities and grow the business in this difficult and increasingly global marketplace".

Formed 25 years ago, Integro UK provides insurance cover and advice to the media and entertainment industry and have established themselves as one of the leading UK brokers in this sector.

Integro provide cover to many members of UK Screen and are appointed to a number of other media industry trade associations. Their clients include post production and production companies, studios, special effects, equipment rental, outside broadcast to name just a few.

Last year Integro made significant improvements to the policy available to members by incorporating two new sections of cover under the one policy: Professional Indemnity, and Personal Accident and Business Travel. Their policy already includes Production Property, Business Interruption, Multimedia, Producers Indemnity and Employers' and Public Liability giving clients most of their cover needs in one document.

Integro are proud sponsors of the UK Screen Alliance Onion Training Scheme.