Fitzrovia Post welcomes Sophia Hardman as Senior Sound Designer and Dubbing Mixer

Member News  |  10 May 2022

It’s no secret I want talented women on my team and Sophia is the pinnacle of up and coming star talent. I am struck with excitement as I know her abilities will be instrumental and a game changer within all the brilliant work Fitzrovia Post does.

Keiran Brown, Fitzrovia Post Director

Having specialized in Foley performing, editing and mixing Hardman boasts credits such as Enola Holmes, Cats, Belfast, and House of Gucci as well as working on the latest Bond instalment No Time To Die.

With an undeniably attentive ear Hardman has spent her career honing her craft and spent much of her time understanding the needs of each project in order to get the job done with the best sounding output.

Hardman’s technical finesse and zest for the nitty gritty are what make her the perfect addition to the Fitzrovia Post Team. Her skillset is vast with an exceptional Knowledge of ADR, Sound Design, and Mixing. She considers the client and talent experience above all else and her quality output always remains high.

Sophia brings something special to the table. Her approach is fresh and her perspective on what is achievable is inspiring. Our clients are already seeing the difference she can make.

Rob Butler-Biggs, one of Fitzrovia Post’s founders

It’s been an exciting time joining the team at Fitzrovia Post, being around the talented engineers and getting to work as part of such a tight knit team has been a joy. The company culture is genuinely inclusive and dynamic with great internal communication. I’m looking forward to what the future holds with Fitzrovia.

Sophia Hardman

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