Sohonet Introduces ClearView Flex Go

Member News  |  12 September 2018

Sohonet, one of the media and entertainment industry’s leading providers of networking and connected cloud services, announced the latest release of the company’s real-time remote collaboration tool ClearView Flex Go will launch in October 2018.

Sohonet - Chuck parker
Pictured: Chuck Parker, CEO of Sohonet

This new update to ClearView Flex is being offered with a pay-as-you-go pricing model. The service makes the remote collaboration product easily accessible to projects of any size or budget by offering short-term commitments with flexible pricing, whilst offering the same quality options that are found in the subscription product.

“The ClearView product suite has been changing the way movies, TV and commercials are made. Directors, producers and executives can now review and approve real-time video streams from any location or edit suite to help speed up the production workflow.”

Chuck Parker, CEO Sohonet

ClearView Flex Go will come in the following two packages.

  • The Weekly Plus version will sell for $750 per week and will include Sohonet’s highest quality bitrate, and up to five simultaneous viewers in any streaming session.
  • The Weekly version will sell for $300 per week and will include up to medium (desktop) quality bitrate and two viewers per session. For customers who have long-term usage requirements, Sohonet will still be offering the contract version ClearView Flex Pro.

“Due to the unpredictable, project-based nature of much of their work, many of our customers want to pay for what they use and match their cost cycles with their revenue cycles. Incorporating a pay-as-you-go pricing model into ClearView Flex is going to meet these unique requirements of our customers.”

Chuck Parker, CEO Sohonet

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