Sohonet Joins Media Innovation Cloud Alliance

Member News  |  28 March 2019

The new Innovation Cloud Alliance Presents Multi-Vendor Cloud Solution to M&E industry.

Sohonet, the global experts in connectivity, media services and network security for the media and entertainment industry has joined the Media Innovation Cloud Alliance.  The coalition is comprised of leading media technology companies, integrating across multiple clouds, to deliver a price-performance ratio that is markedly more cost effective to current major cloud providers.

The mission of the Alliance is to enable media companies to affordably leverage independent, next-generation cloud services as an alternative to monolithic first-generation cloud stacks. Services offered by the Alliance span the media lifecycle from content creation, to editing and transformation, to playback and delivery, through archiving and library management.

“Agility and budget are consistent concerns for our clients who also have a growing need to utilize the cloud. The Alliance enables workflows that meet the core needs facing our clients: raw camera backup and derivative workflows, multi-cloud management, media production orchestration, archive and storage. Equally important to our customers is the ability to deploy those workflows quickly and cost effectively, especially where egress fees tend to restrict workflow flexibility amongst multiple cloud service providers.”

– Chuck Parker , Sohonet CEO

Sohonet joins the following foundation member companies in The Media Innovation Cloud Alliance:

  • Acembly (multi-cloud management)
  • Archiware (backup and archive)
  • Cinnafilm (transcoding and image processing),
  • (archive migration and storage orchestration)
  • FileCatalyst (file acceleration)
  • Integrated Media Technologies, Inc. (systems integration)
  • Levels Beyond (media production orchestration)
  • Masstech (content archive & storage management)
  • Marquis (disaster recovery, backup, archive, in-cloud project versioning),
  • Packet (compute)
  • Primestream (content production and workflow automation)
  • Versity (large archive data management)
  • Wasabi (storage)
  • XenData (active archive)

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