Sohonet supports rise mentoring programme

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Sohonet, the global experts in connectivity, remote collaboration and network security for the media and entertainment industry, have announced their support of the Rise Mentorship Scheme.

rise scheme

Rise is a nonprofit advocate group for gender diversity within the broadcast manufacturing and services sector. Through networking events, seminars and a yearly mentoring programme, the organization aims to open more opportunities for female broadcast professionals. The women that will benefit from joining the group will be in non-craft roles in any type of broadcast manufacturer, service provider or end-user. Sohonet is a meeting partner to the organization.

“We believe that our industry, and our business, can only realise our aspirational goals by putting more seats at the table. There are many capable individuals aspiring to careers in the broadcast and the creative technology sectors who will enhance our industry’s talent pool. We support Rise wholeheartedly and their mission of to create opportunities.”

Chuck Parker, CEO of Sohonet

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