Advertising and sponsorship oportunities

We offer advertising opportunities on our website and in our email newsletters.

We email either our members or the wider film & TV stakeholder community just about every week. All these newsletters to a highly targeted audience can contain advertising.

Email via our Contact Us page for advertising rates and details

In addition we offer more long term sponsorship opportunities. Our annual packages are aimed at manufacturers and providers of products and services which are used by our members. Our intention is to create mutually beneficial partnerships comprising corporate sponsorship and enhanced access to UK Screen Alliance and Animation UK members through events, networking opportunities and provision of advice. By sponsoring us, you can take advantage of these benefits, but you also help us to meet our core objective – which is to create the best possible business environment for our members and their clients to create both UK and international content. This, in turn, creates and returns benefit across the whole supply chain.

Email via our Contact Us page for sponsorship rates and details

UK Screen Alliance SUPPORTERS