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Coffee & TV is an independent, visual content studio, specialising in creative VFX, animation, design and colour grading.

Established in 2012, when founding the partners decided to break free of industry institutions and follow their vision to create a totally independent, artist led studio. Since then Coffee & TV have achieved substantial growth and built an extensive portfolio of high-end, award-winning work. Coffee & TV’s highly interactive, fast moving and collaborative culture is behind their ability to produce exceptional work, for projects of any scale and for any screen.


Primary Activity: Post Production

Other Activities: Animation, Colour Grading, Design, Post Production, VFX

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Moonraker is a VFX studio set up and run by a team of passionate and creative VFX specialists with boundless enthusiasm and years of experience led by Creative Director Simon Clarke and Managing Director Jon Grafton.

Established in Bristol in 2013, Moonraker, formerly Coffee and TV Bristol, has built a strong local and international reputation with producers and broadcasters creating award winning visual effects content for Television, Film, Commercials, Museums and Visitor attractions. The Studio in Clifton houses a strong team of the industry’s leading artists who innovate, design and digitally craft visual effects for any screen. Their combined creative and technical talents quite simply create beautiful moving images.

Specialising in:  Television Visual Effects, Museums, Visitor Attractions & Family Entertainment Centres, and Design And Motion Graphics

Primary Activity: VFX

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Residence Pictures launched in March 2022 in response to the changing requirements of the UK production industry. We focus solely on picture finishing across high-end scripted episodics and features, providing sophisticated, flexible and agile post-production solutions centered around a nimble and comprehensive technological toolkit.

We use cutting edge technology and visionary workflows to overcome bottlenecks and consult with clients at pre-commission to help budget and schedule accurately from the outset, eliminating any nasty surprises downstream. We also make the online/grade/VFX journey smoother by providing world-class VFX from our award-winning partners and majority investors at Coffee & TV. Furthermore, we are determined to make post-production fun again!

Our service offering includes:

  • End to end workflow planning and execution
  • DI Conform and Grade
  • Online
  • Invisible and specialist VFX
  • QC & delivery directly to platforms, streamers and
  • broadcasters

Primary Activity: Post Production

Other Activities: Animation and VFX, Colour Grading, Deliverables, Digital Intermediate, IMF mastering, Motion Graphics, Online Editing, VFX

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