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Digital Orchard provide DITs, QTake operators, colourists, on and off set film and digital dailies labs, Super 8,16mm, 35mm and 65mm film scanning, full picture post, deliverables, archive and restoration.

Digital Orchard is an industry-leading film and digital service provider that offers a unique end-to-end workflow and colour-management solution, from capture to post. From our expert technicians on-set, right through to film processing, scanning, picture post and deliverables, we pride ourselves on having the right knowledge and attitude to ensure every production gets exactly the attention to detail it deserves. Our boutique, full-service operation allows us to go above and beyond, giving cinematographers, producers and editorial uninterrupted support, creative freedom and consistent quality.

The team at Digital Orchard has always believed in linking services to improve efficiency, quality and inter-team collaboration. We have been the trusted partner on numerous film and digital shoots, securely processing data and film stock with workflows starting in testing and taking productions right through to the deliverable master for editorial. Combining these services means a more secure workflow, consistent knowledge of the image and cost savings for the production.

Primary Activity: Post Production

Other Activities: Colour Grading, Dailies, Deliverables, Digital Intermediate, DIT services, Equipment Hire, Film Recording, Film Scanning, Freelance Crew Agency, IMF mastering, Online Editing, Post Production, Restoration, Telecine, Track laying

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