Industry Events  |  21 September 2020 - 2 October 2020

Animex, the international festival of animation, VFX and games organised by Teesside University which begins a week today (21st September) and runs until 2nd October

Consisting of a unique blend of talks, workshops, networking events, exhibitions and screenings, Animex promotes an ethos of collaboration and sharing and prides itself on its warm friendly atmosphere.

Animex is running an industry day on the 30th of September from 10 am-12 pm, which will include a panel discussion on ‘Covid and creativity: the future of working models in the games and animation industry’.

In this live no-cost online session, key partners from industry and the Combined Authority and Department for International Trade will discuss the implications of Covid on new ways of working in the computer games and animation and visual FX industry.

Were the changes starting to happen pre-Covid? Are things working as effectively as they might have been?Are staff more productive? What about staff mental health and well-being? Will the sector now change forever and what are the implications for regional growth in this sector and the opportunities internationally? Finally we will consider what makes this sector so special in the region and what will the future look like.

Registration is Free.

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