British Animation Awards

Industry Events  |  12 March 2020

Every two years the animation community rally together for a night of celebration as the British Animation Awards hosts an awards ceremony for all that is great about animation in the UK.

The British Animation Awards (BAA) celebrates UK animation, supporting, promoting and crediting the very best of the past couple of years’ productions. At the BAAs, the winners of each category receive an original artwork produced by some of the finest artists and animators working in the creative industries.  In the past, the likes of Richard Williams, Joanna Quinn, Nick Park, Caroline Leaf and the legendary Chuck Jones have all contributed artwork for the prizes.

The awards ceremony is hosted by a celebrity compere, and the party that follows the ceremony is a chance for people from all parts of the animation industry to meet and come together to reward some of the most innovative and creative work around.

BAA is attended and supported by animation studios and professionals, broadcasters, software companies, advertising agencies, Internet companies, web designers, financiers, media law firms and others involved in the creative and entertainment industries such as writers, actors, curators and critics.

“Animation is fundamental in the current landscape of contemporary arts, as it is in new technology and cutting-edge entertainment.  The industry survives; it is resilient, constantly changing yet remains wonderful and welcoming.”
Helen Brunsdon, Director, British Animation Awards

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