Human to human (H2H) marketing: Tech in the creation of authentic content

Animation UK member events  |  25 November 2020 are hosting an event for the tech and saas industry on the 25th of November at 4pm.

The pandemic took us all by surprise and the rapid change in brand’s tone of voice is reflective of this. Say goodbye to the hard sell (phew!) and hello to a no smoke and mirrors marketing landscape. Regardless of whether you work in B2B or B2C, we are all marketing to humans and what are we all appreciating (and perhaps needing) right now? That’s right, transparent, honest and AUTHENTIC communication.

So how can we utilise tech to help in the creation of this fresh type of content? Join us and our 3 industry experts on the 25th of November at 4pm to find out exactly that!

4.00pm –’s CEO, Christine MacKay, will kick off the event with our ‘welcoming wisdom’ discussion which will be all about our speaker’s favourite pieces of authentic content of the past few months.

4.10pm – Maria Cadbury, SayitNow

4.30pm – Mark Buckle, Amondo

4.50pm – Joti Balani, Fresh River AI

5.10pm – Panel Discussion – Christine MacKay, Maria Cadbury, Mark Buckle, Joti Balani

5.30pm – Close

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