Siggraph 2019

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Siggraph is a 5-day exhibition featuring global innovators who are changing what’s possible in computer graphics, animation, VR, Gaming, and Emerging Technologies.

Siggraph is taking place this year from the 28th of July to the 1st of August in Los Angeles, US.

At the exhibition, explore the latest technology that’s changing the workplace for CG and VFX professionals, and throughout the conference see how visionaries are pushing positive change with presentation of adaptive technologies.

From the latest visual effects and animation technology to VR and game design, SIGGRAPH 2019 offers courses, talks, and panels that make for a crash course in the latest research and techniques.

Join artists, researchers, students, and pioneers who come from all over the world to forge bonds between ideas—and each other. SIGGRAPH provides many fun networking opportunities that foster creative relationships between passionate people.

SIGGRAPH features hundreds of learning opportunities, including research presentations, courses, panels, sessions and talks on topics ranging from practical applications of technology to theoretical suppositions on the future.

The experiences and exhibition at SIGGRAPH provide an opportunity for hands-on exploration of what’s next in the industry.

Thousands of professionals attend SIGGRAPH every year to share their knowledge, exchange ideas, and innovate in a collaborative atmosphere.

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