UKSA Webinar – Runners: an outdated way to recruit?

UK Screen Alliance open events  |  23 September 2020

In a post-lockdown film & TV world, are runners an outdated position to recruit for in post-production, VFX and animation?

The coronavirus pandemic has forced every part of the screen industry to adapt and re-assess the way things work, for clients, employers, and employees alike. Many aspects will never be the same again.

Post-production companies have been forced to downsize to reduce costs and to postpone recruitment. A blended model with people continuing to work from home alongside fewer on-premises sessions may be the future, but what will be the impact on entry-level jobs and the runner role in particular?

Can we find a better way of recruiting and training our future workforce?

The panel will include:

  • Presenter: Tanya Rai – Freelance | Podcaster | Diversity, Events & Marketing in Broadcast
  • Phil Attfield – VFX & Animation Partnership Director | NextGen Skills Academy
  • Rowan Bray – Managing Director |Clear Cut Pictures
  • Gareth Unwin – Head of Film & Animation | ScreenSkills
  • Harriet Edge-Partington – Talent & Recruitment Manager | Union VFX
  • Tom Morgan –¬†Head of Client Services | ENVY
  • Dr Eddie McCaffrey – Middlesex University
Neil Hatton, CEO, UK Screen Alliance, will introduce the session

Further speakers to be added.

This webinar session is aimed at mid to upper-level management and decision makers in post-production, VFX, animation, education, and policy-making.

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