Westminster Media Forum – Next steps for the UK film and wider screen industries

Industry Events  |  29 September 2020

***Full-scale policy conference taking place online***

This conference will consider the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the UK film and wider screen industries – as well as their longer-term outlook.

Discussion will be on the ways that screen productions are innovating in order to adhere to social distancing, and changes in audience demand and their access to screens, and how this might impact all aspects of the production and distribution cycles in the future.

It follows the £1.57bn support package recently announced by the Government to help the UK’s arts, culture, and heritage industries respond to and recover from the pandemic.

Including keynote contributions from: Victoria MacCallum, Deputy Director, Creative Industries, DCMS; Ben Roberts, Chief Executive Officer, British Film Institute; and Tony Chambers, Senior Vice President, Studio Distribution EMEA and Country Manager, UK and Ireland, The Walt Disney Company – as well as speakers from Film London and British Film Commission; Molinare TV and Film; the Motion Picture Association EMEA; WigginPinewood Studios GroupScreenSkills; and The Ingenious Group.

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