Digital Orchard appoints Simon Cox as Head of Rental

Member News  |  23 May 2024

Following a strong start to the year, Digital Orchard’s on-set team has expanded once again with the appointment of Simon Cox as Head of Rental.

Simon Cox, Head of Rental at Digital Orchard

Simon brings with him nearly 20 years of experience with film, TV and broadcast rental. His most recent experience saw him managing a team of over 30 staff, with oversite and ownership of inventory, as well as spear heading improvements, and also implementing integral systems for the group, to help them to stay relevant and remain leaders in a competitive market.

With an extensive knowledge in broadcast and filming equipment, Simon joins on board to engage with end-users to understand their needs and desires. He has overseen inventory and storage facilities, developing technical departments by staying abreast of technology trends.

Based in Chalfont St Giles, Digital Orchard is an industry-leading film and digital service provider offering unique end-to-end workflow and colour-management solutions from capture to post. They provide expert technicians on-set, colourists, picture post and deliverables services to feature film and HETV productions, as well as film scanning alongside processing partners KODAK.

I am super excited to be working with the team at Digital Orchard as well as the talent pool and clients they serve. Working in the area of On-set Capture and Video Assist, a relatively young discipline with its own set of unique challenges; that said, working with crews and in-house teams to find solutions to technical and logistical problems isn’t […]

Equally scaling up an equipment store and its systems for the provision of a consistent and dependable rental process comes part of the standard kit! The team here are great, full of energy, ideas and experience… and what a location!

Simon Cox, Head of Rental at Digital Orchard

Simon is joining Digital Orchard at a crucial time for the company’s continuing technological advancement within their on-set department. His role will be key in successfully facilitating the delivery of filming equipment to numerous crews and productions, even those in the most challenging and remote locations.

I am very pleased that Simon will be joining us at such an exciting time in the company’s development. I have no doubt that our company will benefit immensely from his extensive experience in all things film, TV and broadcast rental.

Callum Just, CEO and Founder of Digital Orchard

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