Elstree Studios’ response to COVID-19/ novel coronavirus

Member News  |  16 March 2020

Film and Television Studio Elstree Studios has released a statement on their status concerning their response to the Coronavirus outbreak.

Elstree Studios are currently monitoring daily the Government instructions and guidelines concerning Health and Safety and the Coronavirus/ COVID-19.

However, the management of the Studios in any event have decided to stop the Elstree Studios stages being used with audiences and the Studios used for events.

Elstree Studios Management are determined to reduce the risks of contracting the virus at the Elstree Studios site by taking robust measures.

“Whilst we are currently taking strict measures to safeguard the people working on site, we are fully aware that an outbreak at the Studios could at any time happen and this could mean that we close and quarantine the areas. A number of our clients have closed their offices on site for a number of weeks and we are taking advice daily.”

Roger Morris, Managing Director of Elstree Studios

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