Framestore Welcomes Manne Öhrström to role of Global Head of Film Software

Member News  |  25 October 2019

Framestore is not unfamiliar to Manne, as from 2007-2008 he worked at the company on the animated feature, The Tale of Despereaux.

Manne Öhrström, Global Head of Film Software, Framestore

Framestore has announced the hiring of Manne Öhrström as its new Global Head of Film Software.

In his new role, Manne will be refining current software development practises, while also more fully integrating innovative new and emerging tech such as AI, machine learning and game engine technology into Framestore’s established film pipeline. Reporting directly to Global Managing Director, Film, Fiona Walkinshaw and Executive Director Matt Fox, Manne will work closely with Global Head of CG Mark Wilson and Global Tech Director, Engine, Danny Lepage.

“I feel like I’m returning to VFX and production at a really pivotal time. The industry is undergoing significant changes thanks to advances in real-time, virtual production, machine learning and a rapidly-evolving open source culture. This is really exciting for someone who’s made a career helping align art with cutting-edge tech, and it seems like the perfect time to be back at Framestore given the global reputation for work that is both creatively and technically challenging.”

Manne Öhrström, Global Head of Film Software, Framestore

Manne’s career has spanned working across film, games, and tech, as well as achieving a Masters in physics while working for EA. In recent years, he has worked at the intersection of art and technology, forging a successful career at Shotgun and Autodesk. Incidentally Framestore is not unfamiliar to Manne, as from 2007-2008 he worked at the company as one of the key developers on 2008 animated feature, The Tale of Despereaux

In this new role of Global Head of Film Software, Manne will manage a range of software development groups – including rendering, R&D, core software and AI/M – while also looking for partnership opportunities and innovative new software development funds.

“We’re delighted to have Manne back at Framestore. While the industry and many of the faces have changed, Framestore’s core aim remains the same: to push what the VFX industry is capable of, deliver spectacular work for our clients and give global audiences sights they’ve never seen before. With experience that spans tech, games and film Manne is set to bring a keen, analytical approach to this new role, helping deliver for current industry needs while developing the kind of tools, software, workflows and infrastructure we and our clients both need for the future.” 

Fiona Walkinshaw, Global Managing Director, Film, Framestore

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