Harbor expands ADR in London with a second stage

Member News  |  23 May 2023

Harbor’s latest expansion in their three-story London studio at Turnmills adds a second ADR stage, led by ADR Mixers Alex Stylianou and James Gregory.

Alex Stylianou, ADR Mixer at Harbor

This second ADR stage adds to the current three sound mix stages, two DI theatres, offline editorial suites, finishing rooms, and mastering and distribution lab located at Turnmills. Meanwhile, Harbor maintains their dailies operations out of their Windsor studios.

Throughout his career, Alex Stylianou has built strong working relationships with a host of acclaimed directors, a-list actors, and respected dialogue editors across the globe. Recent credits include No Time to Die, Stranger Things, The Witcher, Tetris, Wednesday, and Daisy Jones & The Six. Top filmmakers Alex has collaborated with include Danny Boyle, Rian Johnson, Tim Burton, Ridley Scott, Paul Feig, Sam Raimi, Kenneth Branagh, James Mangold, Matthew Vaughn and Guy Ritchie.

ADR has always been a carefully considered part of our expansion in London, and we’re excited to build on our global ADR offerings to provide our clients with an even more comprehensive experience in the UK. We’re thrilled to have Alex, alongside James, lead operations for our second ADR stage and further enhance the client experience.

James Corless, Commercial Director at Harbor

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