Introducing World VFX Day: A global celebration for visual effects

Industry News  |  24 October 2023

A new annual observance day to honour those in visual effects.

Alwyn Hunt (The Rookies), Simon Deveraux (AccessVFX; Framestore), Hayley Miller (Founder), Ian Failles (Befores & Afters), Saint Walker (Escape Studios)

A collective of visual effects studios, organisations and professionals have established an exciting new annual event, World VFX Day. Scheduled to make its debut on the 8th of December, this worldwide observance aims to cast a spotlight on the visual effects industry, which enables filmmakers to visualise stories beyond the realms of imagination. 

Visual effects (VFX) has long been seen as the unsung heroes behind the awe-inspiring magic witnessed on both the silver screen and television. World VFX Day seeks to foster a greater understanding of the skills and artistry across the wider entertainment industry and with consumers.

VFX boasts a market size valued at around USD 9884.95 billion in 2022, featuring an estimated 600 studios and a workforce exceeding 100,000 professionals worldwide.

Supporters of World VFX Day so far include: Framestore, DNEG, Ghost VFX, MPC, Pixomondo, ILM, Mavericks, Moonraker, Weta FX, Untold Studios, Cinesite, belo FX, Milk FX, Blue Bolt, Afro VFX, Territory Studio, Important Looking Pirates, Jellyfish Pictures, Firebrand VFX, Access VFX, View Conference, FMX – Film & Media Exchange, Escape Studios, The Rookies, NextGen Skills Academy, Foundry, Corridor Digital, Befores and Afters, Humans of VFX and more

I’ve worked in visual effects marketing for around five years and I’m constantly in awe of what is created. But not enough people outside of our industry realise how much work and passion drives what we see on screen. The ‘World VFX Day’ initiative endeavours to provide a platform for the positive recognition visual effects deserves.

Hayley Miller, VFX Marketing Consultant and initiator of World VFX Day

Anyone in or outside the industry are encouraged to take part by becoming an official supporter, attending upcoming events, joining the conversation online and sharing their work using #worldvfxday.

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