The VFX industry highlights key issues for International Women’s Day

Industry News  |  05 March 2024

More than 80 participants will participate across 26 talks on Friday, 8 March.

World VFX Day and women’s foundation UpliftHER have joined forces to create a series of online talks for International Women’s Day to highlight some of the issues and developments within the VFX industry and beyond. International Women’s Day has taken place every year for well over a century, with the core mission of achieving gender equality globally.

The speakers will touch on various subjects, such as why there are so few women in senior roles, juggling parenthood with a career, LGBTQ+ representation and inclusion, financial literacy, mentoring, building a career network, and more.

Visual effects can offer a fantastic career path for those interested in art and technology, yet, a study in 2021 showed that less than 10% of women are in supervisor roles. Representation really matters and that’s why I’m so excited to share these talks with the world, not only to help empower women, but as part of World VFX Day’s mission to shine a spotlight on visual effects.

Hayley Miller, Founder of World VFX Day

The online event, which will take place over several hours, has garnered a diverse range of international speakers and support from VFX studios and beyond, including Framestore, ILM, Cinesite, BlueBolt VFX, Important Looking Pirates, Jellyfish Pictures, Access VFX, Coffee & TV, Pixstone Images, Lightrunner Studio, Chocolate Tribe, Ingenuity Studios, Alpha Studios, PXL Talent, Lost Boys School of VFX, and more.

Speakers include Charmaine Chan (ILM), Tara DeMarco (Marvel Studios), Christina Graham (Lightrunner Studio), Kaitlyn Yang (Alpha Studios), Clare Cheetham (Coffee & TV), Donia Youssef (Monzda TV), and more.

It is an uncomfortable truth, but men and women typically experience their careers differently. They are a product moulded by the societies we live in and the cultures we work in and that’s why these talks are important.

Amy Mercer, Co-Founder of UpliftHER

This online event starts at 9am (GMT) on Friday, 8 March, on the World VFX Day YouTube channel here. See more details about the event via LinkedIn here.

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