Walter Campbell joining MPC to aid development of ‘end to end’ production house

Member News  |  16 October 2018

Walter Campbell, the creative director behind the Guinness ‘Surfer’ ad (1999) has been announced to be joining MPC London as Creative Head of Business Development.

Walter campbell MPC
Pictured: Walter Campbell 

The man behind Guinness’ ‘Surfer’ ad (1999), Walter Campbell, has announced he will join MPC London as the Creative Head of Business Development to help develop MPC as an ‘end to end’ production house.

“MPC used to be strictly post; today it’s an end-to-end creative and production solution. We pick up the project from wherever our clients’ capabilities end. Being here gives me the opportunity to work on ambitious jobs and interesting ideas, directly with brands, as well as with smart agencies and directors.”

Walter Campbell

One of the campaigns featuring Campbell’s work which MPC have previously worked on is the Coco de Mer:X ad with Rankin. MPC delivered a number of VFX shots, including the celestial ‘sky opening’ sequence visible in the opening scenes. Kai van Beers worked on the multi faceted grade (below).

“MPC have always known how to craft the work. What people don’t know yet is that we also know how to make work that is effective: work that is memorable and moves people to act. So, I’m here to develop that side of things.”

Walter Campbell

“We’re incredibly excited about the addition of Walter to the team. Many of us here have worked with him in some respect over the years but what’s most exciting is that he joins us at a time when this creative role at a VFX house is possible. Ten years ago, it would have been a different story. We couldn’t think of a better person for the job.”

Jonathan Davies, Managing Director at MPC London

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