Reasons to join

Industry Advocacy

Add your voice to a community of over 150 companies across the UK in Post Production, VFX, Animation, TV & Film Studios and Production Services. Together, we provide the collective clout that individual businesses cannot achieve alone.

Representing your views to Government

When the big decisions are made, the views of companies like yours need to be taken into account. On your behalf, we proactively raise issues, drive the debate and lobby to influence the UK Government and other stakeholder organisations.

Keeping you ahead of the game

When making critical business decisions, you need to know all the facts. To assist you, we constantly scan the horizon for opportunities and threats that arise. You will receive early, pertinent, and verified information through working groups and newsletters, allowing you to make the right choices for your company’s future.

A forum for your opinions to initiate change

Help shape our advocacy activity to meet your needs and create change. You can share your opinions with a network of peers on the issues that really matter, via our working groups and councils. We recognise that there are times when you will want to compete but there are also times when only collaboration will achieve change that benefits all.

Building the talent pipeline

The skills of your workforce and fresh talent are the lifeblood for the success of your business. We are actively engaged with Government and its agencies in education, and skills policy. From school, through FE, HE, apprenticeships, careers advice and CPD, we drive change to create the skills pipeline from which your company can grow and thrive.

Business Advantage

You will be able to access discounted essential business services, bespoke advice lines, exclusive granular business and workforce data, and preferential rates for conferences and festivals.

Promoting your business

You can amplify the publicity for your business and its successes, both nationally and internationally through our website and newsletters, as well as showcase presentations to visiting international producers.

Strength in numbers

Support from businesses like yours enables us to deliver and grow this ambitious programme of activities and advocacy. There is no better time than now to be part of a strong trade association that speaks up for your company.

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