Electric Theatre Collective Appoints Jon Purton as Managing Director

Member News  |  01 April 2021

Electric Theatre Collective has appointed Jon Purton as Managing Director.

Jon Purton, Managing Director, Electric Theatre Collective.

Electric Theatre Collective has announced that Jon Purton has been promoted to managing director.

Jon is the first MD to be appointed in ETCs’ nearly 10-year history and they are anticipating big things. ‘’Once we made the decision to find an MD, it became clear that the right person was already working for us. Jon had been making a positive impact at ETC since day one and his hard work quickly earned the respect of everyone who worked with him’’ Lee Pavey, Founding Partner wrote. 

Jon started his career as a runner at Rushes, before working his way up into production. After many years in the industry, he eventually moved to Electric where he made a name for himself as one of the best post producers in London. 

“It’s a privilege to step into the role at Electric. Over the years, I’ve seen the company evolve and grow but the culture has always remained. The talent we have at Electric is incredible and we’re able to offer that at the scale needed to collaborate on the biggest and most creative projects. It’ll be our 10th year in business and the world is in a fascinating state of flux, so exciting things are afoot and I’m proud to help guide the company on to continued success.” 

Jon Purton, Managing Director, Electric Theatre Collective.

Since joining Electric in 2017, Jon has been a fundamental part of the ETC family. A stalwart of the production team, he and Electric’s powerhouse HOP Matt Williams have formed a formidable partnership. The two of them continue to work closely together.

Electric Theatre Collective are excited about the promotion and can’t wait to see Jon contribute to the growth and future triumphs of the company.

Find out more about Electric Theatre Collective at: electrictheatre.tv/

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