Imaginarium Studios to open mocap studio at SIDE London in partnership with PTW

Member News  |  08 May 2024

Imaginarium and PTW’s SIDE to bridge full performance capture and post-production.

Imaginarium Studios, the pioneering Performance Capture and Virtual Production company, has announced an expansion to its facilities by opening a cutting-edge motion capture studio at SIDE London in partnership with PTW, a leading enterprise games services company that provides technical and creative solutions to numerous developers and studios globally.

With the creation of this new studio in Tileyard London (King’s Cross), development teams can now record dialogue and capture full body character performances simultaneously and all in one place. Developers will benefit from streamlined processes and enhanced creative control throughout the entire production cycle.

Alex Hill, Business Development Manager at Imaginarium Studios

Opening a brand-new performance capture volume in central London, in partnership with SIDE London, is optimal for our gaming clients. This additional capacity, combined with the ability to simultaneously record an ADR session with HMC and body motion, gives us a high quality and cost-effective turnkey service.

Alex Hill, Business Development Manager at Imaginarium Studios

The latest development from SIDE and Imaginarium at SIDE London, the mocap facility, takes the studio beyond automated dialogue replacement capabilities (ADR), allowing for full performance capture of the face, body, and fingers of up to two characters, for more narrative driven game scenes. The smaller, more centrally located space for Imaginarium allows for a comfortable experience for partners at a London recording studio.

Technology has always driven innovation in the gaming industry, and PTW prides itself on consistently working with the best to create world-class solutions. Our partnership with Imaginarium gives our clients end-to-end control over their creative vision – something that all our customers want, but very few service providers can truly offer.

Deborah Kirkham, CEO at PTW

SIDE studio details


  • Full performance capture – capturing face, body and fingers simultaneously
  • Body capture – capable of capturing two performers simultaneously
  • Facial capture
  • ADR
  • For one to 2 characters


  • 2X character performance capture
  • 16X Vicon vantage cameras
  • HMC dual and mono cams can be made available for each performer


  • 5M (L) X3M (W) X 2.4 M (H) capture volume
  • 16FT (L) X 10FT (W) X 7FT (H) capture volume

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