Warner Bros. De Lane Lea Launches Alfred

Member News  |  25 June 2020

Alfred is an innovative workflow platform giving clients complete control of their content anywhere, any time through a fully integrated, secure, cloud-based system.

Today, Warner Bros. De Lane Lea launches Alfred, an innovative platform that plays a key role in the production and post-production process, providing users with the ability to store, distribute and manage assets and data through a simplified, streamlined process.

Developed by the team at Warner Bros. De Lane Lea, Alfred has a number of applications that provide productions with flexible control over their content, including:

  • Allowing clients to request media pulls including VFX, marketing and conform, at any time
  • Automatically sending pulls to selected vendors and recipients
  • Fully customised to suits all production requirements
  • Providing media tracking for raw and delivered elements
  • Giving visibility to clients on the status of processes within the facility, including conform and VFX, QC reports and deliverable

Kevin Harwood, Head of Workflow at Warner Bros. De Lane Lea, oversaw the creation of Alfred from start to finish.

“On a typical day, we’ll work through TBs of data, Alfred allows us and our clients to manage and track that data seamlessly and for it to be accessed anywhere, at any time. Alfred is a truly flexible platform that can be moulded to each individual client’s needs.”

Kevin Harwood, Head of Workflow at Warner Bros. De Lane Lea

“We’re thrilled to be able to bring this state-of-the-art service to our clients. Being able to manage content and track progress in this way is so essential as we evolve into a distributed workforce.”
The service will be available to all WB DLL clients from today.

Kim Waugh, EVP Worldwide Post Production Services, Warner Bros.

Source: Warner Bros. De Lane Lea

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