Rich Moss

Managing Director, Gorilla Group

Rich has worked in the Post Production Industry for over 25 years. Beginning in VT ops and tape editing, Rich gained a reputation as one of the most respected finishing editors in Wales. Rich has started, built and been involved with many UK post houses including Pyramid Post Production, Platform Post Production, The Joint and Mwnci.

Rowan Bray

Group MD, Clear Cut Pictures

Rowan Bray joined Clear Cut Pictures in 2017 as the MD. After strategic expansion, the Clear Cut Group now comprises of four businesses, offering post-production and VFX to the non-scripted market in London and Birmingham. Rowan has served on several industry bodies over the years and is particularly passionate about staff development and training for our sector.

Kate Hollingsworth

Head of Business Operations and Content Security, Picture Shop

As Head of Business Operations and Content Security at Picture Shop, Kate Hollingsworth is experienced in all aspects of Media Production, most recently, in the fields of Post-Production Business Operations, Information Governance, Risk and Compliance, Production Management and Creative Service Lines.

Nick Long

MD, Salon Limited

Nick Long has been MD of Salon for 15 years, continually growing the editing equipment hire business, founding their sales division and designing their remote solutions that have now become a global offering.

Lucy Killick

COO Film & Episodic UK, Framestore

With 20 years in the Industry, Lucy was Managing Director of Framestore’s MontrĂ©al office for three years before returning to the London office in 2018 as Managing Director, Film. With experience working both in facilities and production, Lucy holds an in depth understanding of the challenges of the industry.

Gemma Nicholson

Founder, Post Super

Gemma Nicholson has been in the film and TV industry for over twenty years, starting her career in Sound before becoming a Post Supervisor, who has worked on all budget levels of both film and TV. Gemma founded Post Super in 2019, a platform that aims to provide Post Supervisors and Facility Post managers with four key elements for them to be able to do their work more effectively: Community, Information, Training and Tools.

Chris Burn

Senior VFX Executive

Chris Burn has over 20 years of experience working in the VFX industry. He started initially as an artist and supervisor, before tackling leadership and strategic growth opportunities at DNEG and more recently, Technicolor Creative Studios. Chris is passionate about creating the best possible experience for the teams to excel.

Rachael Penfold

CEO, One of US

Since starting One Of Us in 2004, Rachael Penfold has carefully and successfully steered a boutique facility, with a reputation for tackling design and creative challenges, to a company able to execute ever more complex and sophisticated work on a far larger scale. She oversees the company’s creative and business strategies.

Stefano Salvini

General Manager, DNEG

With over two decades of experience, Stefano held senior management positions before joining DNEG London as General Manager in 2022. He is responsible for developing key business and creative strategies for the studio, as well as overseeing site operations and teams. Stefano has been immersed in every aspect of the VFX pipeline during his years in the industry.

Matthew Brown

CEO, Imaginarium Studios

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